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The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water
The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water

OZONEWASH POOL 30,000 mg / h Ozone Generator

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Original Price €1.847,00
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Certificazioni Marcatura CE - Certificazione Materiali e Prodotti - ICMQ


Natural Igenization

OZONEWASH POOL is a 30,000 mg / h Ozone generator

OzoneWash must be connected to the outlet of the filter pump by inserting the Teflon tube in the venturi supplied so that the water is ozonated before returning to the pool, thus avoiding the use of chlorine or chemicals

The use of ozone in swimming pools has enormous benefits for people, the environment and maintenance

. Ozone is the most effective disinfectant known, it leaves no residue.

It is an algaecide agent, a flocculant that makes the water clean, crystalline and sanitized.

  • Ozonation guarantees disinfection without harmful effects for the user and extraordinary water quality with therapeutic effects
  • Does not irritate the skin, hair, eyes and nostrils
  • The water is enriched with oxygen, creating a dense layer of oxygen that improves the swimmer's performance and health
  • It contributes to water saving, as it does not require the addition of additional water for replacement and renewal
  • It does not require replacement of chemicals, cartridges, additives
  • It consumes only ambient air and little electricity