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The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water
The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water

Ozone sanitation for public places

Sanitizing with ozone is suitable for sanitizing and deodorizing Restaurants, bars, cafes, pastry shops, tea rooms and all public establishments in general.

Both Generators for Air and Water

can be used

Water enriched with ozone is recommended for washing all the most delicate surfaces and objects in a thorough way.

Washing with ozonated water of equipment, tools, worktops, fume hoods and cold rooms.

In highly frequented places, where food and drinks are administered, such as Restaurants bars, it is necessary to be precise in the cleaning and disinfection procedures and in the conservation of food, in order to ensure adequate hygiene and prevent risk of food poisoning.

Sanitizing with ozone in restaurants and bars purifies and deodorizes the air, makes the room healthier and your work environment more comfortable. Sanitizing with ozone also contributes to observing the HACCP standards and the obligations prescribed by Legislative Decree n. 81/08 to be paid by the employer regarding the protection of health and safety in the workplace.

Sanitizing your bar with ozone is a gesture of care and respect for customers, protects their health and that of the staff and safeguards against complaints, unpleasant misunderstandings and damage to image.

Eliminates odors

It oxygenates the air in the room

Decreases the risk of food infections

Contributes to the observance of the rules on the protection of health and safety in the workplace

Contributes to compliance with the rules on hygiene of food products HACCP L. 155/2007

Eliminates any toxic residues released by traditional chemical detergents

It simplifies the achievement of the certifications EMAS-ISO14001 and ISO14000