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The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water
The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water

Sanitize Gyms and Fitness Centers with Ozone

Sanitize Gyms

Gym sanitation is a methodology that should definitely be adopted. Above all, maximum hygiene is required in the changing rooms. Tools, machinery, mats, the floor itself are used by many people. With sweat, accelerated breaths, concentrations of bacteria and microorganisms are high. Ozone is very effective in eliminating all microorganisms and odors that develop in gyms. By eliminating viruses and bacteria that in the gym spread massively among customers who play closely with each other, their health is protected but also that of the owners and staff. By sanitizing regularly every day when you close the gym, you will have a nice clean smell every time you open it.

Ozonating with this highly reactive gas will have an oxidizing action on organic and inorganic substances. It is truly ideal for sanitizing changing rooms, showers, toilets, lockers, saunas, vaporarium and Turkish baths. Any tool can be sanitized by giving a guarantee of health and well-being to a category of customers who particularly care. It has a large germicidal action killing bacteria (including legionella), viruses (including EBOLA and COVID), spores, molds, fungi, enzymes, parasites, mites, ticks, fleas, lice, etc. , Cockroaches, Spiders, Mice, Ants, Woodworms etc ... Using Ozone also allows you to eliminate bad smells that for obvious reasons are never lacking in gyms.