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La più ampia offerta di Generatori di Ozono per Aria e per Acqua
La più ampia offerta di Generatori di Ozono per Aria e per Acqua


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Original Price €1.449,00
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Certificazioni Marcatura CE - Certificazione Materiali e Prodotti - ICMQ


Natural sanitation

OZONEWASH 1000 MG is an Ozone generator

in continuous flow with a production of 1000 mg / hour with 0,8 ppm in water for 7710 liters per minute with a water pressure of 100 / 150 psi to be able to irrigate greenhouses, vineyards, olive groves etc. etc.

In agriculture, ozone can be used in three ways: ozonated water, ozonated air and ozonated oil.

Ozonated water is used to irrigate crops and eliminate bacteria and microorganisms, which can damage the plant right from its germination stage in greenhouses and / or outdoors. Ozone is in fact a powerful biological disinfestant.

The advantages of ozone in agriculture

  • Elimination of bacteria and microorganisms
  • Power invigorating
  • Respect for the environment and living beings
  • Reduction in the use of disinfectants
  • Greater crop health
  • Strengthening the immune defenses of plants
  • No residues
  • Authorization for organic farming
  • Vector repellent effect

  • Remove most of the unwanted substances in the water using the ozone water purifier

  • Disinfect the water simply by opening the water tap. It is a sensible way to live healthier.

  • CE certification

  • Truly clean from bacteria, germs and insecticides on vegetables, fruit, fish and meat.

  • Useful for various water applications

  • Stable Performance Laundry Ozone Water Purifier

Depuratore d'acqua all'ozono per bucato


Ozone emission 500/1000 mg / h
Ozone concentration 0.4-0.8 ppm in water
Continuous operation 24 hours a day
Water pressure 20-100 psi
Water flow 3-7 L / min
Input voltage 110-220 VAC
Energy 15 W.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 367 × 277 × 89 mm
Weight 3,5 kg / pcs , 21 kg / outer carton
Inner box dimensions 46x19x36 cm
Outer box dimensions 54x50x68 cm
Package 6 pieces / carton
Installation Wall mount