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The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water
The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water

OZONEWASH AGRICULTURE 20.000mg / h Ozone Generator

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Original Price €1.449,00
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Certificazioni Marcatura CE - Certificazione Materiali e Prodotti - ICMQ


Natural Igenization

OZONEWASH is an Ozone generator for both air and water with an Ozone production of 20,000mg / h or 30,000mg / h

Installation is very simple just connect the Teflon tube to the supplied Venturi and connect incoming and outgoing water

In agriculture, ozone can be used in three ways: ozonated water, ozonated air and ozonated oil.

Ozonated water is used to irrigate crops and eliminate bacteria and microorganisms, which can damage the plant right from its germination stage in greenhouses and / or outdoors. Ozone is in fact a powerful biological disinfestant.

Leaving no chemical residue, ozone is absolutely ecological . The US body FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has defined and classified it as a SAFE AGENT - GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). “Ozone is environmentally friendly. Ozone is certified organic and approved by the FDA and USDA! "

Furthermore, since 2018, ozone has been authorized for use in organic farming pursuant to reg. CE 843/07 and 889/08.

The advantages of ozone in agriculture

  • Elimination of bacteria and microorganisms
  • Strength invigorating
  • Respect for the environment and living beings
  • Reduction in the use of disinfectants
  • Greater crop health
  • Strengthening the immune defenses of plants
  • Absence of residues
  • Authorization for organic farming
  • Vector repellent effect