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The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water
The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water


Original Price €689,00 - Original Price €689,00
Original Price €689,00
€689,00 - €689,00
Current price €689,00

Certificazioni Marcatura CE - Certificazione Materiali e Prodotti - ICMQ


Natural Igenization

Ozonated water has sanitizing and sanitizing properties that exceed those of chlorine by about 52%, with the added advantage of not producing any chemical residues. The ozonated water produced by OZONEWASH acts on organic compounds by breaking cell membranes and oxidizing them until completely eliminated. Once its sanitizing action is complete, the ozone naturally degrades and turns into oxygen.


the most effective solution for cleaning

The cleanest, healthiest, most ecological laundry in the washing machine
and cheaper in cold water and without the use of detergents.
For garments and environments that are clean, sterilized, disinfected and perfumed

Save up to € 400 per year

The estimated average expenditure of a family of four for the purchase of household and laundry detergents is about € 440 per year. Thanks to OZONEWASH, the consumption of detergents and detergents is drastically reduced, guaranteeing considerable economic savings. In addition, you will also see the savings on your electricity bill because you will only use cold water to wash your clothes, saving more than 220 kWh per year

Ecological for the environment
Using OZONEWASH helps our planet. By reducing the purchase of cleaning products, less plastic waste is produced. OZONEWASH also does not pollute: its sanitizing action does not produce any toxic or chemical residues, safeguarding rivers and seas from potentially harmful substances ..

OZONEWASH introduces advanced nanotechnology and permanent magnetic material to soften tap water, then adds ozone to the water and further mixes them with a static mixer, to ensure a right proportion of gas-liquid mixing. When connecting the system with the water tap, the water supply through the water pipe to the internal system, with the oxidation, softening and mixing process, clean water will come out automatically could be used for food cleaning, body care and laundry.

Magnetizer: with Magnetizer built-in, this washing machine ozone machine can absorb metal ions from 'water, which is a very important process to clean the water before using it for washing.

Oxidation gas: this is another plus for a healthy life with our washing machine and ozone. An ozone module, along with UV light has been set up in the system to generate ozone and below to automatically mix with water

  • Remove most unwanted substances in the water using the ozone water purifier

  • Disinfect the water simply by opening the water tap. It is a sensible way to live healthier.

  • CE certification

  • Truly clean from bacteria, germs and insecticides on vegetables, fruit, fish and meat.

  • Useful for various water applications

  • Stable Performance Laundry Ozone Water Purifier

Depuratore d'acqua all'ozono per bucato


Ozone emission 500/1000 mg / h
Ozone concentration 0.4-0.8 ppm in water
Continuous operation 24 hours a day
Water pressure 20-100 psi
Water flow 3-7 L / min
Input voltage 110-220 VAC
Energy 15 W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 367 × 277 × 89 mm
Weight 3,5 kg / pcs , 21 kg / outer carton
Inner box dimensions 46x19x36 cm
External box dimensions 54x50x68 cm

Installation Wall mounting