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The widest offer of Ozone Generators for Air and Water

Mandatory sanitation in the company

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Covid-19 - Workers and businesses

Hygiene in the company

Cleaning and sanitizing

  • The company ensures daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of the premises, environments, workstations and common and leisure areas.
  • In the event of the presence of a person with COVID-19 inside the company premises, the area is cleaned and sanitized in accordance with the provisions of circular no. 5443 of 22 February 2020 of the Ministry of Health and ventilation of the premises.
  • Cleaning at the end of the shift and periodic sanitizing of keyboards, screens touch , mouse must be guaranteed, with suitable detergents, both in the offices and in the production departments, also with reference to work equipment for mixed use.
  • The company, in compliance with the indications of the Ministry of Health, can organize, according to the methods deemed most appropriate, special / periodic cleaning interventions also using social safety nets.
  • In geographic areas with greater endemic or in companies where suspected cases of COVID-19 have been recorded, in addition to the normal cleaning activities, it is necessary to provide, upon reopening, an extraordinary sanitation of the environments, workstations and of the common areas, as per circular 22 February 2020.

Personal hygiene precautions

  • It is mandatory that the people present in the company take all hygiene precautions, especially for the hands.
  • The preparation by the company of the cleaning liquid according to the indications of the WHO is favored.
  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water is recommended.
  • Hand cleaners must be accessible to all workers also thanks to specific dispensers placed in easily identifiable points.

Personal protective equipment

If the work activity requires an interpersonal distance of less than one meter and other organizational solutions are not possible, it is necessary to use masks and other protective devices (gloves, goggles, overalls, caps, gowns) in compliance with the provisions of the scientific and health authorities.
The preparation by the company of the detergent liquid according to the indications of the WHO is favored.

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